Appreciative Inquiry

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Synopsis The Collaborating for Change series offers concise, comprehensive overviews of 14 leading change strategies in a convenient, inexpensive format. Adapted from chapters in The Change Handbook, each approximately 48-page booklet is written by the originator of the change strategy or an expert practitioner, and includes

  • An example of the strategy in action
  • Tips for getting started
  • An outline of roles, responsibilities, and relationships
  • Conditions for success
  • Keys to sustaining results

Thought-provoking questions for discussion If you're deciding on a change strategy for your organization and you need a short, focused treatment of several alternatives to distribute to your colleagues... Or if you've decided on a change strategy and want to disseminate information about it to get everyone on board, the Collaborating for Change booklets are the ideal choice.

Author: David L. Cooperrider & Diana Whitney

Number of pages: 39

Publisher: BK

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